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Rest in Peace, my friends and cousin Ros.

It was supposed to be a joyfull Christmas morning. We were staying late after midnight mass (starting at 11PM though) so I was still in bed when my cell phone rang this morning. I couldn’t get the phone in time, and when I checked the voice message, it broke my heart. A former colleague and a dear friend of […]

Why are you doing this?

That was the question a friend of mine asked me this morning, when I showed him this blog and told him to use the same webhosting that I’m affiliated with. He could not understand why am I doing this? Three reasons, I told him.  First, I would like to update my linkpage in a quick and easy way. In […]

Alberto’s ISS pictures and Kevin’s Video site

Today is the end of my off days and I spent a lot of time surfing the sites listed in members of seasat-L’s emails. The first one was Alberto’s site in Italy. Of course it was in Italian, but the pictures speak the universal language that we all could understand. I admire his works displayed in his photo […]

Tom Wagner’s ISS and Shuttle’s picture

I was checking the reports on seasat-L list  for December 19 on ISS and STS-116 passes last night and came across the email of Tom Wagner which provided the link showing the picture he took at Waterloo, Iowa. The image shows the tracks of both the ISS and Space Shuttle where the ISS’ track was brighter than the Shuttle’s. As I mentioned […]

Haven’t seen it with my naked eyes for a long time….

For the past six days, due to my work, I could see all the images that coming down thru video links and listen to most of the voice loop traffics. However, it has been a while since I saw the ISS with my naked eyes. When I got home from work this evening, my mind was still in one of […]

Meteor Shower 2006

When I was looking at the Space Links at my old site few days ago, the first link listed was the link to Meteor 2001 at Astrophoto website. Now you know how long I haven’t edited that site. That was the reason I then added this link there. This morning I found so many news about the Geminid Meteor […]

John Locker’s Site and CalSKY

Today I went to check John Locker’ site and watched some of the videos John has taken over the years including the solar transit of the ISS. As I said in the beginning when I started my linkpages, there are tons of materials on the Internet and that’s why I had tried to reduce the number […]

Satellite Transit Videos

There are at least five wmv format videos at Kevin Fetter archives showing the images of satellite passing through the moon along with many other videos of satellite crossing the night sky. I went there after seeing the videos at some of the links Kevin posted on Dec 8, including the videos of COSMOS 252, FENGYUN 1B, IRIDIUM 914, IRIDIUM 56 etc.  Few […]

Sad News for Visual Satobs Community

I was checking a broken link on my Real Time Tracking Software page and could not get into David Ransom’s STS Plus Home Page. At first I thought may be the server was down so I just let it there and decided to check it later. Well, this morning I still could not get into […]

The links are almost completed

Today I managed to transfer all the links from my original site to place them in the Pages section shown at the right sidebar. At first I tried to just simply added the links to the sidebar under each category for the 5 linkpages, but then I realized that the sidebar would become too crowded. I […]