Alberto’s ISS pictures and Kevin’s Video site

Today is the end of my off days and I spent a lot of time surfing the sites listed in members of seasat-L’s emails. The first one was Alberto’s site in Italy. Of course it was in Italian, but the pictures speak the universal language :-) that we all could understand. I admire his works displayed in his photo gallery and I wish I could read Italian so I can read all the descriptions there.  I was also surprised to find from the links described in Italian these few sites in English. K3’s Astrophoto pages as well as Poor Meadow Dyke Observatory websites are those sites that provide tons of information on Astrophotography and its Instrumentation. My first thought was to bookmark the site since I need to get back to it later. 

I also went to signup to join the Force Usergroup. This is the group of Users of TheForce, a software remote shutter for coolpix cameras, and companion programs. I thought may be I need to use the software later if I buy a coolpix. The site also carries digital camera astrophotograpy information and gallery. 

Finally before retiring for the night, I checked my mailbox for one last time and I could not resist to watch some of the short videos in the links Kevin Fetter has provided. At the end of this lists, I also saw the link to Kevin’s Video Setup. A quick scan of the page prompted me to add this post rather than simply bookmark all the links I mentioned here. I thought it would be much easier for me to come back to search for the link here than going through my favorite links in IE. Thanks Kevin for adding that last link. 

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