Haven’t seen it with my naked eyes for a long time….

For the past six days, due to my work, I could see all the images that coming down thru video links and listen to most of the voice loop traffics. However, it has been a while since I saw the ISS with my naked eyes. When I got home from work this evening, my mind was still in one of the experiments that was just started less than two hours before I left.


That’s why I turned on NASA select channel and listen to some of the voice traffic between CAPCOM and sometime between PAYCOM with the Crew and wondering if I could listen them talking about that experiment. Indeed I caught part of the conversations but most were the re-run from the real traffic I’ve already listened while I was at work. The only difference is that, I could listen at home without worrying someone was calling you from other loop. Suddenly NASA Select mentioned that the ISS will pass thru Houston. I remember seeing some of these passes on the list few days ago, so I then checked the Heaven’s Above for the Skychart from my hometown. Heaven’s above listed the magnitude at -0.3, and the path was good. I then went to CalSKY and verified the path again using the lat/long of my home. Too bad, I could not take a picture, but the brightness was much better than when I first saw it while it was only Zarya alone.

Few nights ago while preparing to take the Geminid meteor shower picture, I found out that the Bulb-setting of my Olympus OM-10 was not working. I was thinking of getting another camera that I could use for satellite photography with long exposure setting. That would be on my to do list and I will post when I find a good one. I thought this is a good site to start my search.

BTW, while I was typing this I also heard over the TV the voice of CAPCOM telling the crew that all the flight controllers at JSC went out to watch the same pass.

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  1. on 19 Dec 2006 at 6:41 pm attanone

    Many people reported seeing the Shuttle and ISS passing through the evening sky. Jay Repler for example reported that “he couldn’t resolve them naked eye, but binoculars showed a beautiful magnificent brilliant ‘double star’.”  Too bad,  due to the cloudy sky above Huntsville I only caught the last few seconds of the pass before they went into the shadow. I’m not as lucky as many Visual Satellite Observers from TX, TN, up to IN, WI and NJ. Kevin Fetter even has recorded that pass here.

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