John Locker’s Site and CalSKY

Today I went to check John Locker’ site and watched some of the videos John has taken over the years including the solar transit of the ISS. As I said in the beginning when I started my linkpages, there are tons of materials on the Internet and that’s why I had tried to reduce the number for my quick links to a minimum as a gateway for the beginner visual satellite observers. Of course by doing that, I have omitted many nice sites.


At first, in order to compensate my omission, I thought I would simply add any new links I find to the personal linkpages. However, a simple link would not do any good. That’s why I decided when I started this blog that every time I visit a site, I would put a note on what I found there, then provide the link so people can visit that page easily. I tried with a ‘What’s New’ in my linkpage long time ago, but I had to edit a webpage for that purpose and that idea was soon be abandoned. While I was on John’s site, I noticed that John used the CalSKY data for all his observations. I then visited the CalSKY and I realized that it will take me few days just to surf that site alone. With the help of GoogleEarth, I then determined the exact lat/long of my driveway, and signed up as a register user at CalSKY site.

This is what I found in the Section Guide for the Satellite page on CalSKY.

“Find information on several thausands of satellites: their launch dates and functionality; track the satellites, see the earth as seen from the spacecraft, and get all kind of positional coordinates you could (n)ever think of.
CalSKY predicts highly accurate transit times, close encounters with the sun or moon – and even the times of satellites crossing the disk of the sun or moon; the Iridium flares, even the telescopic flares from reflected moonlight.”

I’m glad that beside the Transit info, I could also find all the satellite passing information and much more on CalSKY site with a great details. Please visit both sites and I’m sure you will enjoy what you find there.

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