Satellite Transit Videos

There are at least five wmv format videos at Kevin Fetter archives showing the images of satellite passing through the moon along with many other videos of satellite crossing the night sky. I went there after seeing the videos at some of the links Kevin posted on Dec 8, including the videos of COSMOS 252, FENGYUN 1B, IRIDIUM 914, IRIDIUM 56 etc. 

Few days ago, while searching for other links, I also came across Thomas Fly’s site on computing sun & moon transit by ISS with the aid of J-Pass.  His work had been referred to by many others, such as Science@NASA or Hobby Space

After watching Kevin’s video, I thought about it then went to check Thomas Fly’s site. Back in June 2005, he said that his server was busted and he would be unable to generate new alert email. However, I still seeing various reports saying that they received Thomas Fly’s email alert. A quick look at this report brought me to Ed Morana’s site showing many amazing videos of ISS Transit over the moon. After jumping through few hoops and back to Thomas Fly’s site, I also saw the link to the ISS Transit forum on yahoogroups. A quick scan through the forum home showed that there were many recent information there, so I signed up to join the group. I tried to sign up for email alert at Thomas Fly’s site but the link was broken. I will post an update if I find the info from the forum.




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