The links are almost completed

Today I managed to transfer all the links from my original site to place them in the Pages section shown at the right sidebar. At first I tried to just simply added the links to the sidebar under each category for the 5 linkpages, but then I realized that the sidebar would become too crowded. I then decided to simply create a new page for each category, mirroring what I have had in the original sites. In this way I only need 5 links instead of more than 20 links on the sidebar. Once the transfer has been completed, then I would start to update this blog anytime I made a change or add a new entry. I thought it would be much easier to maintain.

I still need to learn on how to change the blog header image so I went to pick up WordPress 2 (Visual QuickStart Guide) by Maria Langer and Miraz Jordan. But it will take me a while before I can replace this blue background with my own gif image shown below.   



BTW, I forgot to mention, last night I also bought the Real Blog Video after reading that it has been used by a friend of  mine. It’s a 8 sessions video with almost 2.5 hours of video plus another 3 sessions of 34 minutes of bonus video. This is what my friend wrote about that video in his blog: “For $15 you get about 2-3 hours of video. I found the videos very interesting and will follow the steps outlined in them to create a new blog, I will post its results here.” I thought the content is good and I will try to change my header image once I understand how to do it. 








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