Tom Wagner’s ISS and Shuttle’s picture

ISS and Shuttle tracksI was checking the reports on seasat-L list  for December 19 on ISS and STS-116 passes last night and came across the email of Tom Wagner which provided the link showing the picture he took at Waterloo, Iowa. The image shows the tracks of both the ISS and Space Shuttle where the ISS’ track was brighter than the Shuttle’s. As I mentioned in my note last night, due to the cloudy sky here in Huntsville, I could only caught the tail of that same pass seeing a bright spot before they disappeared into the shadow. Tom is so generous to let me display his picture here, but if you want to read Tom’s note, please check this link.



One thing to add, Tom has another interesting project, from Waterloo to Batton Rouge, where together with someone hundreds miles apart in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, they had watched the Iridium Flare 3 minutes after Tom saw it in Waterloo, Iowa. You can follow Tom’s story here to find out more. May be we can start to track these flares across the country or who knows, how far it could go.

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