Why are you doing this?

That was the question a friend of mine asked me this morning, when I showed him this blog and told him to use the same webhosting that I’m affiliated with. He could not understand why am I doing this?

Three reasons, I told him. 

First, I would like to update my linkpage in a quick and easy way. In the past I tried to update by adding a what’s new section in my index page, but it was a tedious job. I need to go through editing, uploading process etc. With a blog, it’s much easier and I can update it individually without tying it to any page. This is a good starting place where I can learn the art of blogging and how to make money. :-)

Second, I love to do volunteer works, such as maintaining the website of my church or helping people seting up the blog for their charity work. All these takes time…., and sometime I have to spend extra out of pocket money. After reading the various stories at John Chow’s blog, like this one, I thought, hm, may be I need to create a blog and let the blog collects some extra money to reduce my expenses after spending time working on these sites.

Third, the extra income that people can make from the Internet as described in John Chow’s posting is really amazing. This is what John Chow wrote about Jeremy Shoemaker:”If ever anyone can be considered an Internet marketing superstar, ShoeMoney would be near the top of the list. Jeremy Shoemaker is a search engine marketer who knows how to take advantage of both Google AdSense and AdWords. In the above photo, you see him with the biggest Google AdSense check he has ever received from Google. The income was earned back in the month of August 2005.”

I thought what Jeremy and others have made via the Internet were really incredible. Of course it all dependents on so many factors such as, how much time are you going to put in, how are you going to slant your site, etc. You can find all these factors described in one of John Chow’s article cited above and John will help to promote your site too if you you know how. However, my point is, there is a possibility to make money here. I saw so many technical sites in various fields on the Internet, some have already utilized the adsense and other affiliate programs, such as Heavens-above, CalSKY, just to name a few in the same techical field as mine,… but many have done nothing in that direction at all. I think a link to John Chow’s  “The Internet’s biggest Google Whores” page  may surprised them. I hope!

Isn’t it too late, now? My friend asked. I just shrugged my shoulder. “You never know!” When I said bye to him, suddenly the pharase, “if you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re always right” filled up my mind.


3 Responses to “Why are you doing this?”

  1. on 25 Dec 2006 at 7:44 pm Aris

    This is a test since a visitor tried to post and could not get thru due to the math question in the comment forms. He got an error saying “your math doesn’t add up”. I just simply type the result of the math in the form above and would like to see if that’s how it works.

    Edit: This comment indeed shows up after being approved. I just wonder why my visitor got that error message. All a visitor need to avoid being identified as spam robot is to answer that math and fill in the answer. Sorry my friend for causing a little trouble. Merry Christmas.

  2. on 26 Dec 2006 at 5:20 pm Jeff

    As a follow up: I thought the phrase “please add 7 and 10 meant add the numbers 7 and 10 to the box. Evidently, what it means is numerically add 7 and 10 and insert 17 into the box. Duuh!!!!
    What’s strange to me is the first time I made a comment on this blog it worked when I just inserted the two numbers provided.


  3. on 27 Dec 2006 at 11:43 am Aris

    Sorry Jeff, I changed the plugin to prevent the spam robot few days after your first post. That’s the reason why it didn’t work the second time. But hey, it works now. :-)

    I’m still learning to use the WordPress . Actually, when I first installed it, I didn’t follow the procedure, and I could not access most of the files and database, let’s say, to edit the appearance on this blog for example. I have tried to reinstall in other site, but I still don’t know how to keep all these postings when I transfer them to the new site. Once I know how to do it, I will make one more change to use a new header picture and use a 3-column lay out.


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