I’ll Move All Sattrack Related Stuffs Back Here

In December 2006, I moved every thing to my new blog address since this blog was using the embedded WP that I had no control over it. It took me almost 18 months to understand a little bit about WP, and finally I could pull out all the old postings from here and placed them in the new WP installed in the same server. Of course I have the full control of this new WP. The only trouble is, when I exported the WP, somehow, I didn’t realize that the pictures were not imported correctly. Accordingly, we lost some of the pictures in the original postings. However, the date and the content of the postings were there.

I will slowly move the pages from atanone dot net site, and slowly I’ll populate this site and let my other site deal with my new adventure on how to make money online, and using the money to continuesly support some charity works that I could help.

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