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This blog has a new address….

At the end of December, I have moved this blog to a new address, and I will not update this site anymore. I have called the Tech Support and they confirmed that there was no way to move all the postings from here to the new site, and that’s why I’ll keep this site to […]

Why are you doing this?

That was the question a friend of mine asked me this morning, when I showed him this blog and told him to use the same webhosting that I’m affiliated with. He could not understand why am I doing this? Three reasons, I told him.  First, I would like to update my linkpage in a quick and easy way. In […]


Over the years, I have kept a Satellite Tracking linkpage website offering quick links to various visual satellite tracking resources on the Internet.  However, due to my other activities, it was hard to keep up with the changes or to repair the broken links. There was also no update and no one knows what was new. With the widespread of Blogging software, I started to think […]


My original site offers a quick link to Satellite Tracking resources on the Internet. The links are grouped into 4 main groups:  The Online Tutorials,  Real-time Satellite Tracking Links, Satellite Tracking Software, Space Related Links           These links originated from my favorite list which I started to compile back in 1999. One thing I noticed during […]