This is the mirror of my original site offering a quick link to Satellite Tracking resources on the Internet. The links are grouped into 4 main groups: 

bullet.gif The Online Tutorials

bullet.gif Real-time Satellite Tracking Links,

bullet.gif Satellite Tracking Software,

bullet.gif Space Related Links.

These links originated from my favorite list which I started to compile back in 1999. One thing I noticed during the time was that there were plenty of satellite tracking related information available on the Internet. However, most of the time I had to dig through a chain of pages before I could find what I really wanted. Indeed, lists or table of contents are provided to help visitors navigating each sites; but chances are, those lists are too extensive. Accordingly I have tried to limit my list to a bare minimum, and provided only the link to a particular page on the sites that offer some of the basic information on the selected topic. In so doing, I have excluded so many interesting Sat-track sites on the Internet, which does not mean they are less worthy than what I have listed here. As times goes by, I have come to know all these interesting sites, and also found many more sites that I would like to add to my list. However, since most of these new sites can be reached from some of the existing links, I have to keep the existing list the way they are except for some minor replacement when any of the links goes bad. Most of my new links were added to Space Links or Personal Links pages, including my favorite story and these lists keeps growing. During my last update, all the links are connected and worked fine. However, if you find any dead link, please drop me an email. Thanks.

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