Sad News for Visual Satobs Community

I was checking a broken link on my Real Time Tracking Software page and could not get into David Ransom’s STS Plus Home Page. At first I thought may be the server was down so I just let it there and decided to check it later. Well, this morning I still could not get into it so I did a google search and I found the sad news below.


David Ransom lost his battle with congestive heart failure, passed away on 5 November. While it initially appeared that Dave would recover, things began failing one-by-one until he succumbed. Dave’s family was at his side at the end.

Like David Cottle said, “His passing on is a great sadness for the many people he has helped over the years and his friends who knew him.

He will be sadly missed.”

The links are almost completed

Today I managed to transfer all the links from my original site to place them in the Pages section shown at the right sidebar. At first I tried to just simply added the links to the sidebar under each category for the 5 linkpages, but then I realized that the sidebar would become too crowded. I then decided to simply create a new page for each category, mirroring what I have had in the original sites. In this way I only need 5 links instead of more than 20 links on the sidebar. Once the transfer has been completed, then I would start to update this blog anytime I made a change or add a new entry. I thought it would be much easier to maintain.

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Over the years, I have kept a Satellite Tracking linkpage website offering quick links to various visual satellite tracking resources on the Internet.  However, due to my other activities, it was hard to keep up with the changes or to repair the broken links. There was also no update and no one knows what was new. With the widespread of Blogging software, I started to think of creating my own blog to record any change to the links I made. In that way, visitors would be able to identify the new links quickly. But it was not until today that I have a chance to create this blog. I will move the linkpages from the original site to this server in the next few days and will update with a new entry here whenever I make any change or add a new link there.


My original site offers a quick link to Satellite Tracking resources on the Internet. The links are grouped into 4 main groups: 

  • The Online Tutorials, 
  • Real-time Satellite Tracking Links,
  • Satellite Tracking Software,
  • Space Related Links

These links originated from my favorite list which I started to compile back in 1999. One thing I noticed during the time was that there were plenty of satellite tracking related information available on the Internet. However, most of the time I had to dig through a chain of pages before I could find what I really wanted. Indeed, lists or table of contents are provided to help visitors navigating each sites; but chances are, those lists are too extensive.

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